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Anniversary Peak

Don’t know why it’s taking so long for me to get around to actually writing this, but here goes. This weekend’s objective: Anniversary Peak in the Bugaboos, spotted during last weekend’s activities from Mt. Mollison.

The day started early; after a restless sleep due to the seemingly neverending heat, I was actually relieved to get out of bed at midnight and end the charade of sleep. I got up to the Bugaboos parking lot at 2:30 and started hiking. Continue reading Anniversary Peak

Clamshell Corn

OK, so no super-gnar lines full of uncertainty and cruxes this time, just a straightforward ski that I’ve done a couple times already. My mom came out from Ontario for the weekend, so I intended to just skip skiing this time and make up for it later but the forecast was just looking too damn good not to ski today. So I went for a dawn patrol up the Clamshell, probably the most obvious and aesthetic line you see from town. Or driving up 95. Or driving to the hill… 1000m of vert straight down to the road, all one big avy path. Continue reading Clamshell Corn

Tumbling Mountain

After weeks of getting skunked by poor freezes, finally conditions line up perfect and a big line gets skied. Most likely a first descent.

I first noticed this while lounging about at the top of 3/3.5 couloir (commonly called 3/4) at Moraine Lake last year, waiting for the snow to soften up for descent. I didn’t wait long enough and got technical hardpack turns all the way down, but this striking line that I saw from the top stuck in my mind and got tacked onto my to-do list for this year. Continue reading Tumbling Mountain