Timing is Everything

I’ve been really interested in skiing the remote Mt. Warren and Brazeau for a while, they’re gorgeous 11,000 foot peaks all by their lonesome in Jasper National Park. However, it didn’t quite sink in until this spring that they weren’t like regular 11,000’ers, for which the ideal time of year is usually spring. The only way to do it in spring is to slog up Poboktan Creek, from the west side of the peaks. A much more classy way is to come in from the north, via Maligne Lake. The trouble is it would still be frozen into June. So a late summer/early fall attempt seemed ideal. This summer has been quite snowy, and after a friend went up via Poboktan to climb the peaks in mid-August, I got really excited about how the snow was starting to tack onto the ice faces, so big shout-out to Raf for the impetus for this trip. With my eyes glued to the forecast and weather stations, it didn’t take long for ideal conditions to present themselves, and with the knowledge of a great transition layer of snow already stuck to the ice, it was game on. Continue reading Timing is Everything