Gorman Early-season Shred

It seems like Gorman Lake is my own little playground. I punched the first skintrack up last weekend, used it again for the traverse last week, and again this weekend for some freeride-y lines around the lake. No other usage but myself and people I bring. It’s quite a burden to have to ski out all that pow myself!

So, this weekend I went up with Luke and Eric to ski some stuff. When I went through on the traverse, the stuff on the Holt Pass side was looking good so we headed that way. On the way up, we couldn’t help but notice how good the couloirs were looking too.

Eric helped with some pictures, check out his site at: http://www.efrigon.com/


Photo credit- Eric Frigon



Photo credit- Eric Frigon


Then, the next day I went for a solo ski on the Clamshell, to find -after emerging from the alder- that the buried rain crust which is making the skiing at Gorman so great was non-existent there. So I decided I would either bail to go look at a sled I’ve been thinking of, or continue up and destroy my skis. The seller answered and I now have a new toy in the garage!



Then the next day, I went for DG25 with Eric. Unfortunately, due to my navigation snafu we got over some cliffs in trees before getting to the alpine, and after the backtrack it was too late to make it happen. Luckily, I’ve got a sled now and will be able to check that box during one of many opportunities this winter.




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