Gorman Early-season Shred

It seems like Gorman Lake is my own little playground. I punched the first skintrack up last weekend, used it again for the traverse last week, and again this weekend for some freeride-y lines around the lake. No other usage but myself and people I bring. It’s quite a burden to have to ski out all that pow myself!

So, this weekend I went up with Luke and Eric to ski some stuff. When I went through on the traverse, the stuff on the Holt Pass side was looking good so we headed that way. On the way up, we couldn’t help but notice how good the couloirs were looking too.

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Northern Dogtooth Range Traverse

Who says you can’t do a ski traverse early season? I’ve been wanted to do a more gnarly version of this Northern Dogs traverse for a while, but dropping blind into the gnar isn’t a great way to do things. Thought by doing a Gorman-Quartz traverse early season, I’d get a good look at everything, without feeling I need to hit up everything at the same time. Continue reading Northern Dogtooth Range Traverse