Scorched Earth

The “Rockies Classics” thread on Biglines has always been a big inspiration to me. It really opened my eyes to the crazy stuff people were skiing and made me strive to gain the skills and experience to be able to chase the same sort of things in some semblance of safety. What exactly the ski legend Ptor was referring to by the “Nface of Murchison” always kind of irked me. My appreciation for the whole production of finding and skiing lines kept me from asking, and after enough research I finally figured out something that looked skiable. Continue reading Scorched Earth


I’ve been eyeing up this SE face of Terminal South Peak for a couple years now. At first, it was just something that looked sweet and would be cool to ski maybe. Last year I got out and got a picture of it and finally understood how technical it could be. Then this year I’m chasing the technical side of skiing more than ever, so once it seemed it would be filled in, I sent it. Continue reading CYGE