I went up last summer to check out Icefall Brook for ski lines. I noticed some crazy looking banana couloirs all over three aspects of Arras. Looking online, it seemed like they would, indeed go. The north facing ones were the real treat, going direct from the summit onto a steep face before dropping into two ice couloirs nestled in between the rock slabs. And with a logging road taking you almost all the way to the base. Continue reading Arras

Avalanche Mountain

Skied this bad boy right after Sifton, but immediately got back on the trip planning horse for the Beaver Glacier trip. So Avalanche kind of slipped between the cracks. And with last weekend finally providing good storm skiing at the resort and this weekend taken up by work, may as well post ‘er up. Cuz after this, I’m back to big trip planning mode, departing in two days for a whole week! Continue reading Avalanche Mountain

Beaver Glacier Camp

I’ve been looking at Beaver Mountain for a while. I think I saw it from the Dogtooth Range in late season-July a few years back, and its north face looked like it should be a perfect steep canvas of white in winter. Of course, that isn’t the case, it’s a traffic jam of seracs trying to escape the face to join with the glacier below, but I didn’t know that at the time and it was a nice image in my head. Ever since, I’ve been interested in getting back there. The project has been on the backburner for a while, slowly becoming more tangible and less of just a ski bum’s daydream as I gained the skills needed to realize the fantasy. Last week, weather was looking good and stability was great, so two days before we were set to leave I asked Ian if he could make it out. He thought it was an awesome idea, so I booked a couple days off work to make an extra long weekend and started packing. Continue reading Beaver Glacier Camp