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I’ve wanted these lines since I first skied at KHMR. They stare at you, nice and close to the hill, but with a much higher skill level requirement than the rest of the easily accessed rad terrain just out of bounds. Yesterday I finally got the Wisdom Tooth and the Middle Tooth. Luke and I putzed around the KHMR backcountry the day prior and found excellent stability with only the very dormant mid-dec layer producing hard results above treeline on south aspects. So yesterday we went to tick off some lines. Continue reading Wisdom

Gorman Early-season Shred

It seems like Gorman Lake is my own little playground. I punched the first skintrack up last weekend, used it again for the traverse last week, and again this weekend for some freeride-y lines around the lake. No other usage but myself and people I bring. It’s quite a burden to have to ski out all that pow myself!

So, this weekend I went up with Luke and Eric to ski some stuff. When I went through on the traverse, the stuff on the Holt Pass side was looking good so we headed that way. On the way up, we couldn’t help but notice how good the couloirs were looking too.

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Haddo Peak East/ North Face

I went to ski Haddo peak’s gnarly east/north face today. The lower half is north facing, then at a cliff bypass it turns to an east aspect. Then after that there is another bypass onto a small hanging face leading to the summit. I was pretty confident about everything but the last bypass, it is pretty well impossible to see from anywhere but on the face itself. If it didn’t work out, it was just a very short section I’d be missing out on, so it should be a good ski regardless. Since the upper, sketchy part was east facing, it meant another early day to not have the sun be the reason it couldn’t be done.

View from Saddle Pass at 5am. 1s exposure and no tripod so it’s not great detail

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Sherbrooke Shred

Skied another area I had been fawning over via Google Earth since last year. Upon trying to recruit a friend for the east facing slab rock wall above Sherbrooke Lake, he provided real pictures he had of it from exiting the Wapta. And woah, it was way gnarlier than I’d anticipated. I went up yesterday with Matt to go ski some lines, worst case there were straightforward N facing couloirs to ski.

Impressive sluffs off Stephen on our way up

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