King Edward

Another weekend, another couple days to get rowdy! I felt rested after the road lines of last weekend, and was ready to go on a big overnight push again. I had seen King Edward from Bryce two weeks prior, besides being a gorgeous face and an 11’er, it had a line that was currently filled in right off the summit. So when Ian, my go-to for these overnight excursions said he had some time to ski something, my mind went right to this. Continue reading King Edward

Weekend Militant

So, after a few weekends of long approaches and big packs and bushwhacks, I decided to take it a bit easier this time round and hit up some of the road lines that were still on my list. The first of these was Mt Victoria North Peak’s north face. The face is one of the harder lines to actually inspect prior to going, especially considering the close proximity to the highway and other peaks around. Because of this, I decided against coming up from the Lake Louise side and dropping it off the top into BC, as doing so would allow an inspection of only one of the three steep ice sections. Continue reading Weekend Militant


A couple days back, Trevor D. and I headed up Bush River with the intent of skiing Mt Bryce’s south couloir/east face. Mt Bryce is mostly known by skiers for Chris Brazeau’s awesome bold descent of its north face, but the standard mountaineering route is also a worthy goal. Continue reading Bryce