The Big Slog

When I first saw Doug Sproul and co’s first descent of Sir Sandford’s south face I was in the infancy of my touring days still, but it was super inspiring to me, absolutely huge line with always-fickle conditions due to the large elevation band and sunny exposure, and yet done in great style with a sled/ski approach further complicating logistics. I felt conditions were lining up perfectly for this railroader to have a go at the railroad king. A long series of wetter storms getting stuck to the face, (in my mind) bridging or ripping out whatever formed during the dry spell, and improving valley bottom travel for sleds, followed by a day of sun punch for testing, then a little cold storm just as my weekend starts. And a full moon. Unfortunately, work called Ian back right at the start of the window, but I felt that other than doubling my work battling through the numerous avy paths crossing the road, it wouldn’t be that different to solo. So I did. Continue reading The Big Slog