Three Four

The September that won’t stop snowing! It’s becoming a bit ridiculous how good conditions are, all the big rockies ice lines you usually can’t touch until April are coming into shape, in early September. Ludicrous. To that end, Luke and I decided we wanted to go for a ski. We decided on the 3/4 couloir*, since the day looked to be a poor choice to go on a big glacier from visibility and access was currently so easy with the Moraine Lake road still open. Continue reading Three Four

A Change of Season

Ah yes, every skier’s favourite time of year. The snow starts falling on peaks in view of the valley, and you race around the house thinking of all the stuff you meant to take care of for the coming winter and pawing at the windows every time a cloud clears and shows the white blanket. After a failed attempt on Delphine in this fresh snow (snow wasn’t sticking to the ice), I’ve been extra motivated to get after it. I decided to go to an old haunt and get in, ski, and get out before I went in to go to work. Success, ended up with loads of extra time after four laps on the pocket glacier. Don’t ask, I won’t tell you where 😛 This is my one secret stash. Continue reading A Change of Season