Wild Blue Yonder

Speak of the devil… A big alpine mission! Wicked.

With the high pressure system giving one last day of good light, Ian and I decided to go for the Single Bench couloir on Mt. Tupper. The plan was to dump all the gear and one guy near the avalanche shed, drive to Hermit parking and then bike down to the gear. Shortly after leaving Golden though, I heard a hiss… what was that? The bike tire. Seems the poor tired old $20 town bike wasn’t going to be of much use today. So instead I had to walk the click to the gear. Continue reading Wild Blue Yonder

Mechanized Fun

Well, enough of that quiet period. I’ve become too tightly focused on what this blog should be about, with all the big alpine missions over the past year I’ve become too intent on conveying only that. But this thing is really about skiing, year round, also known in winter as just skiing. So here it is, a weekend worth of pow slaying in great conditions we’ve had lately from a variety of mechanized options.

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