A Change of Season

Ah yes, every skier’s favourite time of year. The snow starts falling on peaks in view of the valley, and you race around the house thinking of all the stuff you meant to take care of for the coming winter and pawing at the windows every time a cloud clears and shows the white blanket. After a failed attempt on Delphine in this fresh snow (snow wasn’t sticking to the ice), I’ve been extra motivated to get after it. I decided to go to an old haunt and get in, ski, and get out before I went in to go to work. Success, ended up with loads of extra time after four laps on the pocket glacier. Don’t ask, I won’t tell you where 😛 This is my one secret stash.

On the downside, busted another heel post from the vintage Vertical FT (should’ve changed em both when the first one broke), and got a(nother) nasty edge separation from playing too close to the shark tank. Fixed the binding well enough for a few more runs in the field with a ski strap, and need to source some slow set epoxy to put poor old humpty dumpty back together again. The one ski is great, hasn’t seen anything traumatic, but this one has two cracked edges and now a four inch long edge separation on the other edge. I blame magnets.

Video is currently uploading, hopefully will pop up in here when it’s done. Time to go to work.


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