Avalanche Mountain

Skied this bad boy right after Sifton, but immediately got back on the trip planning horse for the Beaver Glacier trip. So Avalanche kind of slipped between the cracks. And with last weekend finally providing good storm skiing at the resort and this weekend taken up by work, may as well post ‘er up. Cuz after this, I’m back to big trip planning mode, departing in two days for a whole week!

Like on Sifton the day before, we were blessed with perfect weather, and great ski conditions in the alpine.

Heading up to the kingdom of rime
Rory finds acceptable conditions on the far side of Avalanche-Eagle col
Avalanche Mountain SE face

We motored up to the col and onto Avalanche’s S ridge as a group. Nobody else was feeling like putting in the extra work to grab one of the many awesome lines on the SE face but me, but they were OK with waiting around a bit. I had a nice line and buzzed back around in about an hour total, ascent and descent, everything. I’m definitely getting fatter and older, but transition times and sleds make up for a lot.


We continued up the ridge to the west of the twin summits. Well, close enough anyways. Once we made it to the NW couloir leading down to the highway, we were disappointed to see that it had been slayed a few times already. Plus even more tracks that just skied Avalanche bowl. Oh well; we got the best light. Nice alpenglow all the way down the couloir and getting to the highway in just enough light to not want headlamps.

Rory put turns all the way down the choke… props!

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